A Sequel To Lords of the Fallen Is In Development!

No, it won’t be called Lords of the Fallen 2 (that was the original name of the game released last year, but then it was still called the same as the original game released in 2014…).


A game researcher, Kuraksis, wrote on Twitter that he believes CI Games is working on a Lords of the Fallen sequel and that it already has a name and a release window. Released last fall, Lords of the Fallen sold more than 1 million copies in a week and a half, and quickly became a surprisingly big seller. It’s a Souls clone, and there seems to be a lot of demand for it, even though there are plenty of other developers with better offerings (but you’d still be better off looking at the original developers, FromSoftware: we’ll say Elden Ring, but you could also look at Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, or the inexplicably PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne).

So it’s no big surprise that CI Games is planning a sequel to keep consumers interested on a regular basis. The sequel to Lords of the Fallen is said to be Death of the Fallen, and the team, known by its former name City Interactive, is also working on an open-world survival game (Island: Gate to Gehenna), a sniper sequel (Sniper Ghost Warrior), and a multiplayer tactical FPS (codenamed Project Scorpio).

Death of the Fallen is reportedly being developed by Hexworks. Since this is the same team that made Lords of the Fallen 2023, the studio could easily get to work on the sequel, which will again use Unreal Engine 5. According to the documentation, they’re aiming for much more ambitious gameplay options to appeal to a wider audience with the game, which could arrive sometime in 2026. Looking at the target platforms for the first part, it will certainly be developed for PlayStation 5, Xbox series, as well as PC by Hexworks, which meanwhile frequently adds free content to Lords of the Fallen at the end of the year.

It would not be surprising to see paid DLC as well.

Source: WCCFTech

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