Hi-Fi Rush: A Nintendo Switch Port Would Be A Huge Draw

We’ve already heard rumors that Tango Gameworks’ game, which was unexpectedly released for the Xbox series and PC, could be coming to a rival console, but what if it’s NOT the PlayStation 5?


Just a week after the start of 2024, this rumor has already surfaced about a game that will be released completely unexpectedly on January 25, 2023. For hardcore Xbox fans, a PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch version of Hi-Fi Rush would be a huge blood loss (Microsoft is on good terms with Nintendo, Sony not so much!), but others see the port as logical given the age of the game, so anyone who wanted to try out Tango Gameworks’ truly excellent creation had plenty of time and opportunity to do so on Xbox Game Pass.

Hi-Fi Rush’s good atmosphere, vibrant use of color, and easy-to-learn gameplay would also make it a good fit for Nintendo’s highly successful hybrid console. As of September, over 132 million Switch units had already been sold, and if the game were to be released, Xbox could squeeze some of that out (it has expressed its intention to do so on several occasions). But let’s not forget the Japanese company’s perspective: is Nintendo ready for Xbox Game Pass? Admittedly, Redmond is keen to see the subscription service appear on other platforms, and again we see more potential for Nintendo to say yes; Sony would resist tooth and nail.

Apart from that, there is another aspect. Hi-Fi Rush is not a graphically revolutionary game, as it uses a cel-shaded visual style. Therefore, its rhythmic gameplay does not need to be significantly degraded to run properly on the Switch, but on the other hand, you need perfect performance, because rhythmic gameplay can ALWAYS be ruined if the game suddenly starts chugging.

The only question is if and when there will be a new port of Hi-Fi Rush. The “for what?” question is also an open door, but there’s a better chance that “Switch” will be the right answer than “PlayStation 5”.

Source: GameRant

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