Fans Already Grumbling About Amy Winehouse Movie

MOVIE NEWS- There have been negative comments about the Amy Winehouse biopic in the past, saying that Back to Black will obviously be a sensationalist film, turning the tragic singer’s story into a screen-shattering melodrama.


It has also been suggested that Marisa Abela, who plays Amy, bears no resemblance to the singer, despite having the same distinctive hair and makeup as the singer. Many fans are also wondering if it is a good idea, just 13 years after the singer’s death, to reopen the scars and, as the filmmakers promise, show the battle that Amy fought for decades and ultimately lost.

There are those who draw parallels between Back to Black and The Crown, for which only a trailer has been released. They say that just as The Crown is a slick tabloid account of the affairs of the British royal family, Back to Black will be all about scandal, of which Amy has had plenty. A reviewer for The Guardian sums up the controversy surrounding the film: “The media have profited handsomely from Amy Winehouse’s life. There is a good chance that the movie will do the same with her death.

Others, however, point out that the character of the director is the guarantee that Black to Black is a decent piece of work. Sam Taylor-Johnson (John Lennon – The Young Years, Fifty Shades of Grey) also had a personal reason to make a movie about Winehouse that would portray the singer’s troubled life in a fair and authentic way. Taylor-Johnson was a close friend of the singer and knew her from the beginning. “After university, I was hanging out in London art circles and first saw her at a club in Soho,” the director said in an interview last year. – It was immediately clear to me that Amy was not just a talent, but a genius.

(Back to Black – Home Release: April 11, 2024)

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