Surprise Game Coming To Xbox Game Pass In Just A Couple Of Days!

F1 23 is coming to EA Play on January 18th, which means Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers can enjoy the popular title!



We can all agree that there are many gamers out there looking forward to specific titles coming to Xbox Game Pass. For the subscription service that Microsoft holds so dear. This time, it will be one of the most popular titles published last year. We are talking about F1 23, to be exact. From Codemasters’ latest Formula 1 world championship. Well, we only have to wait a few days for the Xbox service.

Xbox News noted that January is a big month for EA Play members. That’s why it was reported a few hours ago that F1 23 will land on Electronic Arts on January 18th. This means Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will have access to the racing game. However, if everything is true, PC Game Pass subscribers will also be able to enjoy the game.



TESZT – Az F1 23 nem csak egy újabb éves frissítés a Formula-1 hivatalos játékából, hanem egy igazi kaland, amely bevisz minket a versenyzők életébe és lelkivilágába.



By the way, it was also reported that Super Mega Baseball 4 is now available on EA Play. So, it can currently be played on the mentioned Game Pass versions as well. A bunch of bonus games have also been announced for various games, including Battlefield 2042, EA Sports FC 24, WRC, Madden NFL 24, and NHL 24. Head over to the official website to see the entire EA Play catalogue.

As for F1 23, we also wrote about it when it was released last year. Our own BadSector was quite convinced by the game. (See our review at this link.)


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