PlayStation: One Of The Most Successful PS4-Exclusive Games To Be Adapted Into A Movie!

MOVIE NEWS – Screen Gems and PlayStation Productions are already making an adaptation of Until Dawn.



It’s not every day that movies based on video games are announced. But PlayStation seems determined to adapt many of its IPs to the big screen. In this case, the future theatrical title will be Until Dawn. It is a PS4-exclusive game developed by Supermassive Games and is very successful. After all, it sold millions of copies. We reveal the details of the upcoming horror film below.

The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively reported that an Until Dawn movie is in the works. Screen Gems and PlayStation Productions are responsible for the realization of the production, but there are also many details worth noting.

David F. Sandberg, Shazam!’s director is leaving superhero movies to return to the horror genre, and he will be one of the prominent people responsible for this adaptation, as all signs point to him directing this work.

On the other hand, Gary Dauberman will also be involved in the film Until Dawn. He is currently writing the latest version of the script. He is someone who has a lot of experience in horror. After all, he also wrote the screenplays for It, Annabelle and The Nun. According to Screen Gems, it’s a “love letter to the horror genre.” The original game was released in 2015. Although no further details have been revealed about the film, we will undoubtedly have to wait a few more years for its theatrical release.


What is the PlayStation blockbuster Until Dawn about?


Thousands of gamers have already praised Until Dawn, as we are talking about an interactive horror video game that is already quite cinematic. However, if you don’t know what the game developed by Supermassive Games is about, you should know that it is about a group of eight friends who meet in a mountain hut. There, a tragic accident sets off a series of consequences that they all have to face. It all soon becomes a matter of life and death… who lives or dies depends on your decisions, your abilities and the Butterfly Effect.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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