[XDD 2024] Indiana Jones And The Great Circle: Indy Actor And Release Window Revealed! [VIDEO]

MachineGames has confirmed the official title for the upcoming Indiana Jones And The Great Circle, along with some official gameplay footage. Moreover, we also got to know who plays Indy in the game!



MachineGames and Bethesda showed up at the Xbox Developer Direct to finally take the wraps off the Indiana Jones game! The latter is now officially titled Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. There have been a lot of questions about the game since its announcement, and now, thanks to the big Xbox Developer Direct reveal, many of those questions have been answered.

MachineGames has a reputation for high-quality first-person shooter experiences, having successfully revived the Wolfenstein franchise with The New Order and The New Colossus.



Indiana Jones and The Great Circle



When it was announced that MachineGames would develop an Indiana Jones game, many wondered if it would be first-person like the studio’s other projects. Or rather, it will be a third-person action-adventure game.

It has now been confirmed that Indiana Jones will primarily be a first-person game. However, it will also contain third-person elements. While players will experience things from Indy’s point of view for most of the game, environment traversal and cutscenes will be in the third person and portrayed by Harrison Ford. During the Xbox Developer Direct, some other exciting details about Indiana Jones and the Great Circle were revealed. Among other things, the game will be released sometime in 2024.


Where is Indiana Jones And The Great Circle located in the Indy timeline?


During the Xbox Developer Direct, it was revealed that the new game will take place in 1937, between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. The story begins when a “human giant” tries to steal an artefact from the museum located at the college where Indy works as a professor. This event starts the adventure. And Indy sets off on an adventure around the world to solve the mystery of the title “Great Circle”.

Indy will not be alone in his adventure. As in the Indiana Jones film series, Jones also has a companion to help him in his search.



Indiana Jones and The Great Circle



This time, he is joined by Gina, an investigative reporter who “depends on adventure” and who has long been “searching for a clue” related to the mystery of the Great Circle.

In Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, players solve mysteries through melee, stealth, gunplay, and puzzle solving. MachineGames wants to give players plenty of options when it comes to handling each situation they find themselves in. Of course, Indy will have his trusty whip at his disposal. The latter can be used as a weapon and a means of movement.

In addition to defeating dangerous enemies, players must also solve several puzzles. Some of these will be optional, and plenty of them will be deadly. They also have to set up an elaborate Indiana Jones-style trap. The game looks impressive so far, and it will be exciting to see how it all comes together later this year.


Joel from The Last of Us games plays Indy


Bethesda also revealed the voice of the main character of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. This sound is easily recognizable to most modern game fans. Troy Baker is stepping in to replace Harrison Ford as the fedora-wearing archaeologist, Entertainment Weekly reported. MachinesGames co-founder and lead game designer Jerk Gustafsson spoke about the casting and praised Baker for capturing Indy’s charm and sense of humour.

“He’s also a very big Indiana Jones fan, which is super cool,” Gustafsson added. “So he’s also very invested in the game.”



A The Medium új videóval riogat, amelyben Troy Baker a játékot eluraló sötétségnek adja a hangját.



Troy Baker’s name often pops up in the world of video game voice acting, having appeared in many titles throughout his long career. He is best known for playing Joel Miller in The Last of Us franchise. His other prominent roles include Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite. Several characters in the Batman: Arkham series, including Robin and Two-Face. Also, Snow Villiers in Final Fantasy XIII. Interestingly, Baker played Nathan Drake’s brother Sam in the Indiana Jones-influenced Uncharted series.

Based on what we’ve seen in the short trailer, it looks like Troy Baker is doing a great job portraying Harrison Ford as the legendary treasure hunter. Other confirmed voice actors for the game include Marios Gavrilis (the German voice of Bruce Wayne in Gotham Knights) as arch-nemesis Emmerich Voss and Alessandra Mastronardi as Gina Lombardi, an investigative journalist who will be Indy’s companion on his latest world tour.

Source: YouTube, Entertainment Weekly

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