Ukrainian Soldier Destroys Russia’s Most Advanced Tank with Skills Acquired from Video Games

In a remarkable display of precision and skill, a Ukrainian military vehicle driver, Serhiy, who had spent considerable time playing video games, neutralized a Russian T-90M tank. The video of this event has circulated widely on the internet, showcasing how the seemingly outmatched Ukrainian Bradley infantry fighting vehicle overcame Russian technology.


Since Vladimir Putin initiated what he termed a “special military operation” against Ukraine in February 2022, Western nations have been trying to impede Russian advancement with weapons shipments and economic sanctions. Our ongoing series of articles keeps readers updated on developments in this conflict.

The crew of the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, who played a crucial role in defeating the T-90M, shared with Ukrainian TCH media how they managed to surpass their technological disadvantage. Serhiy, the vehicle’s commander and gun operator, initially targeted the Russian tank with anti-tank weapons. However, once those were depleted, they switched to using the Bradley’s 25 mm automatic cannon.

In the video, Serhiy discusses how his prior experience with video games helped him precisely target the tank for maximum impact. Their goal was to blind the tank driver, thereby preventing the vehicle’s escape. The plan was successful; the tank sustained severe damage, as seen in the video. The turret became uncontrollable, and the Russian soldiers eventually attempted to flee before a kamikaze drone struck the tank.

Source: The Drive

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