Palworld is on top: The game has broken a major record on Steam, beating Cyberpunk and Elden Ring!

Pocket Pair’s Palworld has reached another milestone, beating two popular games on Steam, Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077.


Just a few days after its Early Access launch, Pocket Pair’s Palworld has reached another significant milestone, surpassing Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077 in the number of concurrent players on Steam. While the title was not one of the most anticipated games of 2024 for many, it was surprisingly a worldwide hit and quickly rose to the top of the charts.

Although the game is available on Xbox Game Pass, Palworld was an instant hit on Steam, selling more than 4 million copies in three days, according to Pocket Pair’s Twitter account. Nicknamed “Pokemon with Weapons” by players, the title has captivated gamers by combining the monster-hunting and survival genres, allowing fans to capture a variety of useful Pals while collecting materials to upgrade and strengthen their base.


Palworld Already One of the Most Popular Steam Games of All Time


The recently released Palworld has been a huge success and has quickly become one of the most popular Steam games of all time. The satisfying gameplay flow is one of the reasons why Palworld currently has one of the highest concurrent player counts, ahead of Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077. According to the Steam DB, Palworld reached a total of 1,291,967 players over the weekend, surpassing Cyberpunk 2077’s 1,054,388 and Elden Ring’s 953,426. The game also surpassed Baldur’s Gate 3, one of last year’s best-selling titles, and Hogwarts Legacy 2023, the best-selling game of all time, in a single day.

Although Pocket Pair announced on Twitter that Palworld has the “highest concurrent player count of any paid game in Steam history,” it should be noted that the title is owned by PUBG, which reached the all-time high of 3,257,248 players in 2018 when it was a paid game. This is almost three times more than the number of players currently playing Palworld.



Still, this milestone is no small feat for Pocket Pair. Considering that Palworld only launched three days ago and is still in early access, the studio has accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time. The game has proven to be so popular that Palworld experienced server problems on launch day due to the large number of people wanting to play the game.

However, not everyone is a fan of the game. In particular, Pokemon fans have criticized Palworld for many of the designs that seem to have been stolen from the Nintendo franchise. Even before the game’s release, the similarities between Pals and Pokemon were obvious when looking at the designs of Lamball and Wooloo, and Cattiva and Zorua. But others believe this could be the push Nintendo and Game Freak need to take the Pokemon franchise to the next level. After all, with the numbers that Palworld has achieved in just a few days, it’s likely that Nintendo has its eye on the title.

Source: GameRant

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