Is Monster Hunter Rise Not Working On Steam Deck? Latest Update Might Cause The Problem!

Monster Hunter Rise update disrupts Steam Deck compatibility, and users blame the new DRM.



Capcom’s latest update for Monster Hunter Rise on Steam has broken compatibility with the Steam Deck. Users have reported that they have little or no ability to load the game on Valve’s handheld PC gaming platform.

Rise’s update on Monday also removes the digital rights management software Denuvo, but reportedly adds a new layer of protection to the game in the form of Enigma Protector, a piece of software that Capcom has added to its PC games in recent months.

In a statement published on Steam, Capcom has “confirmed an issue preventing the game from running on Steam Deck.” They are “currently investigating” player reports of problems with Monster Hunter Rise. On the game’s Steam store page, Rise is still listed as “Verified” on the Steam Deck. Which means it is “fully functional” on the device.

Following Monday’s update, MHR players took to the game’s store page to blame Capcom for the situation. Negative reviews were written about the DRM change. The latest Steam reviews for Monster Hunter Rise now show a “mixed” rating. Granted, the game’s 55,000 overall rating is still “very positive.”

The change to Monster Hunter Rise’s DRM – which apparently included another piece of protection software called Obsidium – follows Capcom’s recent change to the Steam version of Resident Evil: Revelations.

The 2013 Resident Evil game also added the Enigma Protector. The latter has reportedly led to performance issues with the game. Capcom eventually withdrew that update. Saying that he plans to re-release it once the outstanding issues with it are resolved.

Capcom has added Enigma Protector to some of its back catalogue on Steam, including Resident Evil 5, the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and several Mega Man Legacy Collection titles. The publisher also reportedly took down YouTube videos of Monster Hunter speedrunning groups. In these, modded versions of the Monster Hunter Rise expansion Sunbreak were introduced. Enigma Protector is partly an attempt to restrict third-party mods for PC games.

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