The Apple Vision Pro Is Already Being Scalped!

TECH NEWS – New hardware, less inventory than needed, people trying to rip others off… somehow it always happens.


The Apple Vision Pro is now available for pre-order, but if you weren’t one of the first to pre-order it, you’ll have to wait several weeks (you might even get it on February 2, the day the AR headset launches), even if you pay a minimum of $3,500 and a maximum of $4,800. (On top of that, there are different state tax rates in the U.S., since there is no federally mandated sales tax). But Apple didn’t make as many headsets as it needed (which means users who love Apple products have a lot of money to burn, because $3,500 is not a small amount).

No wonder Mark Gurman, writing for Bloomberg, discovered that someone on StockX is already trying to profit from the Apple Vision Pro. The official site is asking $3900, but here the price is $9999! That’s a profit margin of over 100%! So either someone pays a small amount and gets the product later, or they throw a huge bag of money out the window and get their hands on the Apple Vision Pro much sooner. The 256GB model (the base version) costs $3500 from the manufacturer and $5000 on StockX. Almost a 50% markup. The situation is no better on eBay, where the 256GB model is $4500.

Note that Apple’s website only allows purchases with a US Apple ID (the same applies to the App Store, Apple Music and TV), so fans outside the US can only get the headset via a scalper, because the Cupertino-based tech giant won’t launch the Apple Vision Pro in major territories until WWDC 2024, which we wrote about the other day has received 160-180,000 pre-orders, but it’s all about longer-term support and interest, not just initial results…

Source: WCCFTech

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