Was Another Batman Game In Development After The Arkham Saga?!

Voice actor Josh Keaton recently spoke about the cancelled Batman project that Warner Bros. Games Montreal would have developed.



The Batman Arkham saga made video game history as Rocksteady released three brilliant titles. To this day, they are considered a standard in the development of works based on superheroes. That’s why millions of fans are impatiently waiting for new Batman games to be released. News broke recently that Damien Wayne’s Dark Knight game has been cancelled.

The other day, voice actor Josh Keaton explained in a Twitch livestream that he almost played Damien Wayne in the last cancelled Batman game, reports IGN.

This happened a few years ago. It has now emerged that the reason for the cancellation at the time was due to leaks. “It was disappointing. But they leaked everything, the whole plot, not just the enemies and the villains, but the concept art. They made such a different version of the Batman rogues gallery that everything that was different in the game was revealed,” he says.

He went on to say that the main reason for cancelling the project was, indeed, the leaks. “Leaks completely killed the project”. He goes on to clarify that this work “wouldn’t have taken place in the Arkhamverse, because that was a completely different thing.” This happened between 2016 and 2019. Just after Warner Bros. Games Montreal cancelled the Suicide Squad video game. After not continuing the Dark Knight’s now-outlined adventure, the aforementioned studio began working on Gotham Knights, which was released in 2022.


More details on the cancelled Batman game


Warner Bros. Games Montréal would have been tasked with bringing the upcoming Batman game starring Damien Wayne to life. Many people don’t remember it, but this studio was also the one that released Batman: Arkham Origins. So they already had enough experience with Gotham’s hero. Although Josh Keaton said the leaks ruined everything, Jason Schreier recently took to his X/Twitter account to say that the leaks weren’t the reason the project was cancelled. There were other reasons behind it, which he did not elaborate on.

Source: Twitch, IGN, X

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