Rockstar In Trouble?! The “Florida Joker” Is Threatening GTA VI Developers With Crazy Demands

Lawrence Sullivan, popularly known as “the Florida Joker”, threatened to sue Rockstar for $10 million, among other things.



There have been many times when certain people want to become famous and take advantage of the popularity that Rockstar Games has gained. This isn’t the first time we’ve reported on this person, as a few weeks ago “the Florida Joker” already threatened Rockstar to release the GTA VI hacker from prison. He also threatened to sue for more than $10 million for “suffering and pain.”

This all happened after his character was parodied for two seconds in the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer. After that, there appeared to be no response from Take-Two. Now, on his TikTok account, Lawrence Sullivan posted a new video. In it, he stated that he is now open to voicing the character in Rockstar’s upcoming open-world game. At the same time, he is ready to sue if he doesn’t get an answer.

“GTA… we gotta talk,” he begins. “I’m really not trying to sue y’all so I’m going to give y’all an extra month. Hit me up, let me voice the character, give me more storyline in the game and give me a few mill […] let’s make history happen. Y’all see what I did for the game. We made news, we made the blogs, everybody’s covering me,” he says (after GamesRadar). However, it doesn’t stop there.


‘The Florida Joker’ Threatens Rockstar Over GTA VI


At the end of the video, Sullivan shouted: “Don’t play GTA VI with me, where’s my money? Call me, I don’t want to sue and hire a lawyer, but if I’ve got to, I will.” – finished. “The Florida Joker” first asked for 1-2 million dollars, then 5 million dollars, to appear in the trailer for 2 seconds. Given that Rockstar always wins in these situations, it wouldn’t be surprising if Lawrence took advantage of his popularity to make threats again and again.

Source: TikTok, GamesRadar

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