Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League: Could It Refer To The Death Of A Funny Batman Villain?!

A recently discovered Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League easter egg suggests that an increasingly popular DC Comics character may be dead…



In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, we learn about the possible deaths of several famous heroes of the DC universe, but a recently discovered Easter egg suggests that the small-time villain Kite Man could also meet a terrible end.

Nearly a decade after the release of Batman: Arkham Knight and Batman: Arkham VR, Rocksteady Studios has returned to the Arkhamverse franchise with Suicide Squad, which focuses on Squad X as they embark on a dangerous mission to eliminate members of the Justice League, after the evil Brainiac took over.

Continuing the tradition, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League also presents a sandbox version of Superman’s home of Metropolis, which has become a war zone following Brainiac’s invasion. This sandbox is full of enemies to fight, and side quests to complete. But eagle-eyed players have discovered some interesting DC-related Easter eggs while on patrol. For example, some fans may have noticed a brainwashed Batman spying on them from afar. Others have discovered street art that hints at possible Suicide Squad DLC characters like Deathstroke or Peacemaker.

If Reddit user onebadluvguru’s recent post is anything to go by, there’s one DC villain who won’t be joining the cast of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League anytime soon.

Onebadluvguru discovered the game’s open world as Harley Quinn when she came across a broken green dragon hanging on a wall with a blood stain next to it. This dragon probably refers to one of Batman’s lesser adversaries, Kite Man. Other users on r/Suicide SquadGaming have drawn morbid theories about how the small-time criminal might have fatally crashed into the wall sometime before Brainiac’s invasion began.


Could Kite Man already be dead by the time of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?


Kite Man’s video game appearances have been relatively minimal thus far. He only appeared as a playable character in the LEGO DC Super-Villains and DC Legends games. Charles “Chuck” Brown (named after the Peanuts character) first appeared in the pages of Batman #133 in August 1960. Since then, he has been considered a bit of a joke, as his primary gimmick is using dragons and dragon-themed weapons in his crimes.

Outside of the games, Kite Man recently had a recurring role in the Harley Quinn animated series, and will be getting his own spin-off series sometime this year, Kite Man: Hell Yeah! titled on Max.

While Kite Man’s fortunes on the small screen have been on the rise in recent years, his incarnation in the Arkhamverse may not have been so lucky. The open world of Suicide Squad is full of funny references to the wider DC universe. Kite Man seems to have last flown his kite before the game’s story. Hopefully, the alternate universe version of Joker in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will have a much easier time when he enters the game as the game’s first DLC character in March.

Source: Reddit

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