Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Everything We Learned At The State Of Play; Demo’s Out! [VIDEO]

Square Enix has released a truckload of new information about their upcoming title.


First, the new characters. Cissnei (voiced by Kayli Mills) is the leader of the Gongaga Youth Coalition. She first visited Gongaga after the reactor explosion as part of the relief effort, and eventually made the village her home. Her past is shrouded in mystery, but her talent for both combat and leadership suggests that she’s no amateur. She uses these fighting skills to fend off the fiends that have gone wild as a result of the Mako exposure. Bugenhagen (Frank Todaro) is Cosmo Canyon’s foremost authority on planetology. This revered sage has dedicated himself to the study of the planet and now shares his teachings with countless students. He’s also a scientist who has invented a number of clever devices, such as the wind turbines that power Cosmo Canyon, listening tubes to monitor the voice of the planet, and his giant observation telescope. Zangan (Jamieson Price) is the master and founder of the martial art of the same name. He travels the world teaching his craft and has amassed 128 students. While residing in Nibelheim, Zangan takes Tifa under his wing and works diligently to promote exercises inspired by his fighting style. Johnny (Yuri Lowenthal) is a lovable bumpkin from the underbelly of Sector 7 who tends to get carried away. After leaving Midgar, he drifted to the Costa del Sol, where he was supposedly given the opportunity of a lifetime. But despite becoming the owner of a hotel in this sun-drenched resort town, business is far from booming: not a single person has patronized his establishment. Rufus Shinra (Josh Bowman) is the young, newly appointed president of the Shinra Electric Power Company. After the death of his father, Rufus has taken over the reins of the company. He wants to break with what he sees as outdated practices and instead rebuild the company with a new creed, declaring the dawn of a new era in his inaugural address. Tseng (Vic Chao) is the head of the Turkish unit of Shinra’s General Affairs Division. He has a knack for managing his eccentric subordinates and turning them into a professional team. After Rufus takes over as president of Shinra, Tseng works behind the scenes as his new right-hand man. Reno (Arnie Pantoja) is a member of the Turks unit of Shinra’s General Affairs Division. Known for his fiery red hair and permanent sardonic grin, Reno exudes an aloof detachment. Injured during the operation to bring down the Sector 7 shield, he is currently on medical leave. Rude (William Christopher Stephens) is also a member of the Turks unit of Shinra’s General Affairs Division. Bald and burly, Rude is not one to waste words, preferring to let his fists do the talking. He is currently filling in for Reno on a mission to track down the robed men with new recruit Elena. Roche (Austin Lee Matthews) is a maverick 3-C Soldier known for his insatiable need for speed. After their fierce battle in Midgar, Roche has taken a shine to Cloud. He now vows to follow his newfound “friend” to the ends of the earth. Professor Hojo (James Sie) is the head of Shinra’s research and development department. The professor has worked to develop numerous twisted bioweapons, with no regard for ethics or common decency: to Hojo, human life is merely a means to a scientific end. He is currently attempting to verify his “reunion” hypothesis by investigating the migration of robed men across the planet.

In combat, the Folios will play an important role. These invaluable tomes contain instructions on various martial arts, from swordplay to hand-to-hand combat. They can be upgraded at any Maghnata Books branch around the world, giving you access to new skills. However, you will need to spend skill points, which can be earned by doing odd jobs and other activities. Square Enix also listed some synergy abilities. With Sweet and Sour Salvo (Barret/Aerith), Barret and Aerith strike a pose and unleash a barrage of ranged attacks. With Soldier Moogle Class (Cloud/Cait Sith), Cloud jumps aboard Cait Sith’s moogle and lends it his sword for delivery. In Call of the Wild (Tifa/Red XIII), Tifa and Red XIII tap into their inner warriors to decimate enemies over a wide area. In Mystic Multiplication (Aerith/Yuffie), Aerith clones Yuffie, who launches a powerful attack. During Ringmaster (Aerith/Red XIII), Aerith takes control of Red XIII and unleashes a ranged attack over a wide area. With Feline Fury (Cait Sith/Red XIII), Red XIII and Cait Sith charge forward with an animalistic abandon. And with Halcyon Descent (Cloud/Yuffie), Cloud and Yuffie leap into the air and deliver a combo from above.

The Japanese publisher also mentioned a few locations. Costa del Sol is a thriving resort town built on the continent’s ever-sunny coast. All visitors to this seaside oasis are greeted with graceful dancers and colorful garlands of flowers. While Costa del Sol has many attractions, its biggest draw is its pristine sandy beaches, which are always filled with tourists eager to take a refreshing dip. Gongaga is a small village in the middle of a lush jungle. It is also the site of a terrible Mako reactor explosion. The Gongaga mushrooms that grow in the surrounding jungle are wonderfully fragrant and considered a delicacy by many. Due to the explosion, the Gongaga reactor remains offline to this day. Cosmo Canyon is an arid expanse of bright red earth and majestic canyons. Known as the “Sanctuary of Planetology,” it is home to numerous scholars dedicated to the study of the planet. But it is also populated by ascetics who have renounced mako consumption and tourists drawn by the region’s deep spirituality. Instead of mako, the settlement itself relies on wind power. Numerous windmills dot the canyon, harnessing the gale force winds that whistle between its walls. Five years ago, Nibelheim was a quiet, antiquated village tucked away at the foot of Mount Nibel – the site of Shinra’s first mako reactor. While the reactor once brought prosperity to the village, it now seems to be a hotbed of monstrous activity, and war hero Sephiroth is called upon to lead an investigation into the matter. The Shinra Mansion is a dilapidated building on the outskirts of Nibelheim owned by the Shinra Electric Power Company. Once home to a team of skilled researchers who conducted secret experiments in its underground chambers, it now stands empty, and not even the people of Nibelheim are allowed inside.

Ocean Chocobos help us navigate on water, while Forest Chocobos make it easier to traverse wooded areas. The Tiny Bronco is a small plane that we can use between small airstrips. Chadley enlists your help to deepen his understanding of the world. As you explore the various regions, you will discover new areas rich with treasures and natural wonders. Data points collected during your travels can then be used to develop useful new materials. Assist Chadley in his research and complete combat missions to unlock new, more challenging battles in the VR combat simulator. Take on digitized summoning entities and emerge victorious to claim their summoning materia. Destroying guidestones releases a light that guides travelers to a summon entity’s sanctuary, where a crystal filled with divine knowledge resides. Successfully attuning to this crystal will strengthen the summoning entity’s summoning materia and weaken it in its combat test.

There are also plenty of mini-games. In Dolphin Show, hold on tight to Priscilla’s well-trained dolphin friend as you sail through the waters of Under Junon. Have Mr. Dolphin bounce his beloved beach balls to improve his mood and kick his tail fin into high gear. Hop aboard a mine cart for a thrilling ride down Mt. Corel. Destroy the Shinra crates you encounter along the way to earn useful items. In Galactic Saviors, join the Space Rangers in their war against the evil Gilgamesh Army and secure peace in the galaxy. Pilot your very own starcruiser and lay waste to the fleet that threatens your freedom. In Jumpfrog, tap into your inner toad and dodge all sorts of obstacles in a game that tests your amphibious reflexes. Make it to the end without croaking to earn the title of Peerless Polliwog! Pirate’s Rampage is a shooting gallery found in one of the many beach shacks on the Costa del Sol. Aim and shoot the moving targets to earn the reputation as the best marksman to ever sail the seas. In Run Wild, take on the role of Red XIII in a fierce four-on-four battle to determine the true king of the jungle. Bypass your opponents’ ironclad defenses to shoot the ball into their goals, but don’t forget to defend yours while you’re at it! In Desert Rush, smash mountains of crates to dust like a Corel Prison inmate letting off steam. Maneuver through a twisting course to destroy as many crates as you can within the time limit. During Rufus’ Inauguration Parade, after infiltrating the festivities as a Shinra trooper, Cloud takes on the role of Parade Captain. Lead your Drill Team in a successful performance to win the coveted Presidential Citation. And in Fort Condor, you get a game of strategy where you must position pieces on the field to defend your base and destroy the enemy’s. Even Cloud and friends enter the fray as commanders, each with a unique skill that can turn the tide of battle.

And as we mentioned before, the game got a demo. It is called “Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim”, and it features an extended flashback section in which Cloud Strife recalls an earlier mission in his career as a soldier – “The Nibelheim Incident”. Upon completion, the demo will receive an update on February 21st that will open up another playable section called “Dawn of a New Era in Junon. Players who have saved data from the demo will be able to claim a Kupo Charm (an accessory that increases the number of resource items extracted at a certain rate) and an Adventure Item Set (a survival set, a selection of items to aid in your adventure, such as potions and ethers) in the full game. Players who complete the Nibelheim Episode will be able to skip this section of the full game. The Junon area featured in this demo has been modified to make the content more compact, so progress will not carry over to the full game. Before jumping into the full game, make sure you have applied the latest update. This will ensure that you receive the Kupo Charm, the Survival Set, and the ability to skip the section in question.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled for release on February 29th on PlayStation 5.

Source: Gematsu, Gematsu, PlayStation Store

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