A Staggering Number of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S Consoles Have Been Sold, Take-Two Estimates!

The perfectionist publisher (in the case of Grand Theft Auto VI) has estimated the number of solid PlayStation 5 and Xbox series units combined…


In a presentation to investors on Thursday, Take-Two not only talked about the publisher’s quarterly results, but also estimated how many consoles it believes the current generation of consoles will have sold by December 31, 2023. Citing data from IDG Consulting, Newzoo and the Entertainment Software Association, the Strauss Zelnick-led company says a total of 77 million PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles have been sold in just over three years.

Microsoft hasn’t released official console sales figures for well over a decade (the PlayStation 4 so outsold the Xbox One that they stopped providing data instead…), but Sony said that the PlayStation 5 passed 50 million sales on December 9. This means that if Take-Two’s 77 million figure is credible, Sony’s consoles have sold twice as many as Microsoft’s products so far! A 2:1 ratio for roughly half the generation is a pretty serious number, and reversing it from here seems almost impossible…

According to January estimates from Ampere Analysis, the PlayStation 5 will only outsell the Xbox line by a 3:1 margin by 2023 (by which time supply chain barriers will have been removed, eliminating the initial shortage of consoles for both companies). And last year, Microsoft essentially announced that it had lost the console war, as the company has essentially been stuck in third place behind Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s products since the original Xbox debuted in 2001. (And while Nintendo’s Wii U was a huge step down from the mainstream Wii, the Switch has been a resounding success from there!)

So it’s no big surprise to hear rumors that some of Microsoft’s Xbox exclusives may go multiplatform, but there’s also been talk recently that Starfield, for example, may NOT go multiplatform.

Source: VGC

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