Lisa Frankenstein: No Easy Task for the Late Follower of Frankenstein

MOVIE NEWS – The main role of Lisa Frankenstein initially seemed too big for Kathryn Newton, for two reasons. He was intimidated by one of the most original screenwriters working today (Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar in 2008 for Juno), and found it odd that the male character was a reanimated corpse with a slightly disintegrated texture. communicates imperfectly because of.


“What Diablo writes is poetry in itself, and the character of Lisa keeps talking, so I had to come to terms with the idea of having to ramble intelligently through an entire movie Newton told The Hollywood Reporter. – This is a huge task, so I took a step back to think about whether I can cope with such a huge expectation. The other problem was how can I interact with the other character who can’t speak because he died 150 years ago but has now been resurrected and is left with the disability of only being able to moan and wave. Fortunately, Cole Sprouse managed to make the dead man he plays communicate as sensitively as any speaking character.”

In Lisa Frankenstein, a misunderstood teenage girl meets the love of her life – in the person of a dead man brought to life by a strange coincidence. The task is not only to understand each other, but they also have to replace the missing body parts of the young man, which is against the law, as the limbs must be obtained from living individuals.

Like previous pieces of the genre, the release of the film is supported by an 8-bit, free-to-download video game, in which the player can experience the ordeal of the film’s heroes: they must collect body parts while avoiding the police chasing them .

The crazy run that can be done even while drinking coffee can be downloaded here:</p >

Kathryn Newton will soon be seen in another horror film. In Abigail, a group of budding criminals hold a teenage ballerina captive for ransom, who unfortunately turns out to be a thousand-year-old vampire. The ashen Abigail can seize the initiative immediately after her short exposition. Newton plays one of the unlucky hostage takers.

(Abigail – domestic release: April 18, 2024.)

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