Automatic Super Resolution: AI Upscaling In Windows 11!

TECH NEWS – A major update to Windows 11 may include upscaling technology that makes games look better and run more smoothly.


There may or may not be a Windows 12 in the fall. The PC market is waiting for something (as we wrote recently), but what’s certain is that the hardware specializing in artificial intelligence (NPU; AI accelerator) is in the latest processors from Intel and AMD, so the number of applications powered by AI is growing at a particularly fast pace. Microsoft is getting in on the act, and we may see the company’s results in the 24H2 update of Windows 11.

On Twitter, PhantomOfEarth posted some images of the Windows 11 26052 preview build, and it shows that Microsoft is working on Automatic Super Resolution, and turning it on will allow supported games with AI to run smoother and with more detail. It doesn’t work natively at the moment, but you can turn it on with ViveTool, and the technology is still in a half-baked state, so it’s absolutely not sophisticated yet…

From that point of view, it’s an excellent idea to use it on (old) games that certainly won’t get AMD FSR or Nvidia DLSS support. AMD is also working on a similar method, Radeon Super Resolution, but it doesn’t require hardware designed for AI and uses a spatial upscaling method. Automatic Super Resolution could be an extension of Microsoft Video Super Resolution (it uses AI to improve the quality of the video being played, and Nvidia has already demonstrated this).

It’s too early to say anything about this feature, but it’s unlikely to replace FSR, DLSS, or Intel’s XeSS. Or there’s DLSS Frame Generation, which is used in Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4000 cards. Microsoft won’t be able to replace this either, and maybe that’s not the goal, but to really open up to older games. What games will be supported? Maybe Microsoft will announce that soon.

Source: PCGamer, Microsoft

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