Ghost of Tsushima 2 Could Take A Cue From Rise Of The Ronin’s Traversal System!

It wouldn’t be a crime for the sequel to Ghost of Tsushima (which we recently wrote could be called, for example, Ghost of Japan, given the story) to borrow a feature from Team Ninja’s upcoming PlayStation 5 game.


Sucker Punch’s yet-to-be-announced (but certainly coming!) sequel is very different from Team Ninja’s game, but both are set in Japan, albeit in different time periods. Ghost of Tsushima was good, but not perfect: its open-world design made it too similar to Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed and Guerrilla Games’ Horizon titles. A more advanced, fine-tuned open-world exploration would be appropriate in Ghost of Tsushima’s sequel, and it would need a better movement system to go with it.

In the Rise of the Ronin demo shown at State of Play, the grappling hook is basically correct, but you can combine it with a glider to travel longer distances in the air without losing momentum. This could be used in the sequel to Ghost of Tsushima, because in the first game, it can get really tiring over long distances if you’re always on horseback or walking from point A to point B.

Ghost of Tsushima takes place about 600 years before the events of Rise of the Ronin, so the differences in technology also apply to the glider. Sucker Punch has yet to take this into account and rule out supernatural movement and flight. If the studio can come up with a credible solution in time, it could speed up the transport considerably, which would also be good for the atmosphere. The grappling hook mechanism from the first game could be developed into a skill-based movement system, which could create a great synergy with the typical open world missions.

A sequel to Ghost of Tsushima would also have another positive use for the glider. It could be used for combat and stealth. It could be used to get out of tight spots quickly, to survey the area for a more cautious approach, and to make the already great combat even better…

Source: GameRant

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