Jeff Bridges’ Hit Series Is Returning Soon – Here’s The Premiere Date!

MOVIE NEWS – The Old Man season 2 premiere date has been confirmed at FX, because the Jeff Bridges thriller will soon return with new episodes after the break!



The premiere date of The Old Man season 2 is now public. The Jeff Bridges action thriller is coming back soon. The adaptation based on the 2017 novel by Tom Perry, which will debut in June 2022, stars Oscar winner Bridges, who plays a seemingly average person. But the guy has a dangerous past and several aliases. Developed by the duo of Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, and featuring a supporting cast including John Lithgow, E. J. Bonilla, Alia Shawkat and Amy Brenneman, the seven-episode first season received generally positive reviews.

During an FX panel at the Television Critics Association’s Winter 2024 press tour, FX boss John Landgraf confirmed that The Old Man Season 2 will premiere in 2024.

Depending on when the series returns, that would mean a two-year wait since the premiere.


Why you should watch Jeff Bridges’ series (despite the mixed first season)?


The Old Man season one begins in its best form. The first two episodes were directed by Jon Watts, director of the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy. He brings his sense of tension and action to the premiere. The series features Bridges as Dan Chase, the titular old man who just wants to be left alone.

But his past catches up with him, and the debut episode ends with a nerve-wracking scene that shows just how resourceful and murderous Dan can be when cornered.

Unfortunately, FX’s series doesn’t keep up its momentum. Later episodes overwhelm the talented cast with too many monologue-heavy scenes. Entire scenes are filled with dim flashbacks. And in the present, the characters talk to each other about serious topics too often. It becomes something quite different from the exciting rampage initially promised.

Despite the low point of the middle episodes, the ending of season 1 promises that the story can pick up again. Someone close to Dan and his former friend Harold (Lithgow) is in danger. All of this suggests that Season 2 could potentially keep the character focus. Meanwhile, you can also return to the memorable debut episodes.

Source: Collider

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