RDNA 4: AMD Repeats History!

TECH NEWS – The company said something before the release of the previous generation architecture, and now we hear the same from an insider in anticipation of the new RDNA…


Now the rumor about RDNA 4 is that its higher price and performance models will be able to boost clock speeds up to 3.3GHz. This is about 20% higher than the RDNA 3 chips. The rumor comes from Moore’s Law Is Dead, but the insider does not always give exact information. In any case, it is a good statement to make us think about how AMD can strengthen its next generation of Radeon cards.

According to the rumor, the ES (Engineering Sample) version of one of the RDNA 4 discrete GPUs has a boost clock speed of between 3 and 3.3 GHz. This is a big improvement over the Radeon RX 7600 XT (2.755 GHz boost clock). One of the main reasons for this improvement is that AMD is using TSMC’s N4P process for GPU production, which is already used by the red company for APUs, as it is also used for the Ryzen 7 8700G monolithic single-die processor. It has a Radeon 780M graphics chip with 12 processing units and 768 shaders, clocked at 2.9 GHz (not much room for tuning: the record is 3.1; and power consumption is up from 50W to 83, or even 153). The RX 7600 XT has 2048 shaders, and is one of the smallest AMD GPUs… the circuit size on the new card could be 300-350 mm2, and that will be at least 47% larger than the RX 7600 XT!

But AMD said in one of the slides of the RDNA 3 presentation that it was designed to have a clock speed higher than 3 GHz, and in the end none of their cards got there. The increase in clock speed with higher power consumption is not worth it! That’s why we say history repeats itself, because if we hear the same thing now, we might be right to doubt that RDNA 4 will actually deliver on its promises.

But a better manufacturing process means less power and heat… but it should also mean that the new architecture is not essentially the same, but more efficient, because then not many people will upgrade their hardware!

Source: PCGamer, YouTube, Tom’s Hardware

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