ChatGPT Can Now “Remember”!

TECH NEWS – Another feature has been added to OpenAI’s very popular chatbot.


Perhaps the downside of ChatGPT so far has been that the chatbot doesn’t remember what we’ve done with it before. But OpenAI is not resting on its laurels (or the money it makes pushing the Microsoft bandwagon, as the Redmond company is a major investor), and is constantly improving ChatGPT. For example, the company is currently testing a memory feature that will allow previous conversations to be saved, so that the AI can “remember” them. That way, it would not have to repeat older questions or queries.

The feature is currently not available to everyone, as only a small number of free and paid users can test it, although OpenAI has already stated that it will soon make the feature available to a wider audience. The company also gave examples: if you tell ChatGPT that you run a coffee shop, the next time you ask it to write an attention-grabbing social media post, it will take that information into account. We can mention preferences in the summary of our meeting schedule, and the chatbot will remember that in future meetings.

You have to admit, this sounds scary at first, and that’s why OpenAI has also communicated how you can tune ChatGPT’s memory and tell the chatbot to remember certain things. The feature can also be turned off completely. There is a gray area where you can tell the bot what to remember and what to forget, and you can change that in the settings. The custom ChatGPT will have its own distinguishable memory there, and we’ll have the option to (not) use that here as well.Data usage may also raise some interesting questions.

So OpenAI is definitely planning to implement new features to improve the user experience (otherwise ChatGPT would surely lose some users). Nevertheless, we are curious to see what additional features the chatbot will get.

Source: WCCFTech, OpenAI

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