Metro Exodus Turned Five, And 4A Games Is Celebrating!

Metro Exodus has reached a milestone in sales, and the next installment in the franchise is in the works.


Yesterday marked five years since the release of Metro Exodus. 4A Games announced that the game has sold over 10 million copies. The last time we heard this figure was last March (when it was at 8.5 million; two years ago it was at 6 million sales), so the game is averaging 2 million sales per year. The future of the franchise was also discussed by the Ukrainian studio, which is currently working in Malta due to the Russian-Ukrainian war.

This year will see the release of Metro Awakening, a spin-off for PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and PC VR. Produced by Arizona Sunshine creator Vertigo Games, it will serve as a prequel to Metro 2033, with a standalone narrative and original concept by Metro books author Dmitry Glukhovsky (who also took on the role of story and lore consultant). In it, you’ll control a doctor named Serdar as he tries to make his way through a post-apocalyptic, mutant-infested Moscow tunnel system to reunite with his wife in a complex storyline that tests our faith in rationality and tempts us to accept the awakening of the being we are destined to become.

But the new Metro is also under construction. All 4A Games has said is that it will be released when it’s finished, and the year is partially blurred in the picture. It’s coming in 202X. Last year, Tom Henderson claimed that the game was already fully playable and didn’t rule out a 2024 release. Now, however, 2025 might be a time to hope for. In any case, the Ukrainian studio has shared the Metro Exodus development kit with players, so excellent mods could be created before the next major episode is released.

If the new Metro comes in 2025, it will be six years since Metro Exodus. Since Metro: Last Light was released in 2013, it took half a dozen years for Metro Exodus to be released…

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