That’s Why A Quiet Place: Day One is Still to Come

MOVIE NEWS – Following the huge success of A Quiet Place (2018), the sequel was completed two years later, and the third part was announced for 2025. However, it has now been revealed that A Quiet Place: Day One will be made a little later, as the prequel Soundless: Day One is coming in the meantime, which will show how humanity meets for the first time with extraterrestrials who navigate by sound.


Postponing the third part is the result of a mature consideration: the episodes would come too often one after the other, so the current prequel would not have enough time to run its course. The slip also allows John Krasinski to return to the director’s chair and finish the trilogy once he’s started it.

The trailer for Quiet Place: Day One came out the other day, giving you a taste of how he paints when aliens attack New York. The main character is Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’O (12 Years a Slave), who thought it was an original idea that the story was set in a location where there is constant noise. It is said about the Big Apple that this city never sleeps – but in the film, everyone is forced to remain silent among the ruins of the metropolis.

Nyong’O got a special bonus during the shoot. The heroine tries to survive the alien attack with her cat named Frodo, and the cat chosen for the role completely changed the attitude of the actress. “I hated cats before, but thanks to the movie I went through a very rapid character development,” the actress told Entertainment Weekly. – I became a real cat woman, I cried when I had to part with Fodo, and since then I’ve had a cat too. Everything about me is full of hair, but that’s a sign of true attachment.”

(A Quiet Place: Day One – domestic release: June 27, 2024.)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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