How Powerful Is Master Chief In The Halo Series Without His Spartan Armour?

MOVIE NEWS – Petty Officer John-117, “Master Chief”, is incredibly powerful as the lead Spartan soldier in the Halo series, even without his signature Mjolnir armour. Attention! This post contains SPOILERS for Halo Season 2 Episode 3.



Although his armour is imposing, John-117, “Master Chief”, is quite formidable even without it, as Halo Season 2 proves. In Season 2 of Halo, John-117 also encounters resistance within the ranks of the UNSC itself. Desperate to act to uncover the truth about the impending Covenant invasion of the human colony world of Reach. To do this, there were moments when John-117 had to disguise himself, forgoing his signature Mjolnir armour.

Although set in its own “silver timeline” separate from the original Halo novels and games, Paramount Halo still contains many core narrative elements, including John-117’s origin and role in the SPARTAN-II program led by Doctor Catherine Halsey.

UNSC Spartans, such as John-117, were designed and bred to be the most capable soldiers in the colonization of the stars and the fight against the alien Covenant that wants to wipe out humanity. Even without armour, they are incredibly strong.


Master Chief is a real super soldier thanks to various upgrades


Aside from his Mjolnir armour, durable exoskeleton and shields, John-117 is much stronger than the average human. As all Spartans are, thanks to rigorous augmentation procedures (which not everyone survives). Recruited as children, Spartan recruits are given a collection of crucial augmentations on both their bodies and brains before the onset of adolescence.

These include bonding ceramic carbide to their bones, making them nearly indestructible, and injections that massively increase muscle and tissue density.

Spartans also receive catalytic thyroid implants to achieve growth beyond average human capabilities. (Full-grown Spartans can be up to 2-2.5 meters tall.) Their reflexes are also better than average. Thus, John-117 and his companions from the Halo series received the same augmentations. As the games and novels confirm that Spartans can lift three times their body weight, the augmentations explain how Master Chief was able to knock two grown men unconscious. Or how he could blow one away with a simple backflip in Halo Season 2 Episode 3.


The Mjolnir armour turns John into a living weapon


Already super-soldiers thanks to their augmentations, the addition of the Spartans’ signature Mjolnir armour truly made them a living weapon during the Human-Covenant War. Allowing them to go head-to-head with elites, brutes, jackals and grunts of alien allies.

Wearing his armour and its ability to make John-117 even stronger, Master Chief and his fellow Spartans are absolute powerhouses, the greatest strengths of the UNSC.

Master Chief not wearing his helmet and armour for a significant portion of Paramount’s Halo series must have divided fans. However, this allowed for some unique moments to showcase John’s impressive powers. While useful and pretty cool to look at, the Mjolnir armour is worthless without the warrior using it.

Source: Kotaku

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