Street Fighter V Turns Eight; Capcom Apologises!

Although the Japanese company has already released Street Fighter 6, it has admitted that it made a number of mistakes with the previous installment of the franchise.


Capcom only released Street Fighter V for PlayStation 4 and PC, and despite an average score of 77 on Metacritic and mostly positive reviews on Steam, it was in a very problematic state at launch in 2016. The base game wasn’t bad, but it was woefully lacking in content, while not being a fair enough entry for newcomers to the franchise. On top of that, the servers were problematic (for which Capcom apologized), and many people quit the game early rather than admit their loss, i.e. ragequit.

Capcom’s Japanese Street Fighter Twitter account had this to say: “Street Fighter V has celebrated its 8th anniversary since its release. From the beginning to the middle of this period, there have been network issues, lack of content, etc…. We are truly sorry for the content that did not meet the expectations of many of you. From the middle to the end of the cycle, the Street Fighter V development team did a lot of introspection and worked hard to fix the problems as much as possible.

In the end, there were 45 playable characters, and the battle system was able to add V Skills/Trigger II, V Shift, etc. Thanks to you, the number of players playing Street Fighter V has increased significantly since Season 4. We still remember how happy we were. Even now, hundreds of thousands of people are playing Street Fighter V. We’re really happy about that, too! The most important thing is that we were able to apply that reflection to Strike 6. We once again feel that the past eight years have been spent together with everyone. Thank you very much,” Capcom wrote.

So the story ends well, as evidenced by the player count and Steam ratings. A similar (and even bigger!) trajectory was followed by Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky: a flawed. incomplete start, and even today it still gets updates. For free.

Source: PCGamer, Twitter

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