Kingmakers: A Medieval Time-Travel TPS And Strategy; How Will It Work? [VIDEO]

Redemption Road Games and TinyBuild’s game: Kingmakers has a rather unusual concept, but maybe that’s why it’s attracting attention.


Travel back in time to a war-torn medieval era with a vast arsenal of modern weapons, change the course of history and save the future in this epic action/strategy sandbox. Build your kingdom, grab a weapon, and lead an army of thousands in massive, real-time simulated battles – solo or in cooperative play. You’re the last hope of a dying world. Travel back 500 years to medieval England to change the course of a bloody war and, if you’re lucky, avert the apocalypse. Can you tip the scales of history and create a new timeline?

Every battle you engage in runs as a full real-time simulation with thousands of soldiers fighting at once. Each soldier on the battlefield is controlled by a next-generation, multi-threaded AI that controls their decision-making, path-finding, and loyalty. This, combined with a unique procedural animation system, allows Kingmakers to deliver an unprecedented level of character and combat fidelity. How many swordsmen do you think you can take out with an AK-47? This is your chance to find out. Use assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, armored SUVs, motorcycles, attack helicopters, airstrikes, and more to make sure the change in history goes smoothly. Put your marksmanship to the test and wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Up to three friends can lead their own armies alongside yours and join your conquest in online co-op. Work together to breach the defenses of an enemy castle or defend allied strongholds against hordes of enemies. Prepare for an epic medieval multiplayer experience unlike any other. Seamlessly switch between combat and command at any time. While the system is easy to learn and use, the strategic possibilities are endless. Issue orders directly to your warriors or delegate them to your petty officers, deploy legions of archers, swordsmen, spearmen, and cavalry, build fortifications, and plan your next move before jumping back into the fray.

Kingmakers will be released on Steam for PC later this year. The time-traveling, modern weapon concept was tried fifteen years ago in Darkest of Days, but that was an FPS without any strategic elements…

Source: Gematsu, Steam

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