Dead Island 2: The Game’s Out On Game Pass, But There’s A Problem…

Dead Island 2 has been released on Xbox Game Pass, but not all subscribers can access Dambuster’s successful zombie survival game.



Much to the fans’ surprise, Dead Island 2 was released on Xbox Game Pass yesterday! However, it is only available to Ultimate members on consoles. This is likely due to the fact that the PC edition of the game is an Epic Games Store exclusive until the end of the year.

The release of Dead Island 2 Game Pass surprised fans as there was no marketing from Microsoft or developer Dambuster Studios.

However, this is nothing new for Game Pass, which recently added Tales of Arise with a similar approach. Dead Island 2 is a successful sequel to 2011’s Dead Island. It receives regular updates, making it a promising addition to the Xbox subscription service. However, a significant part of the Game Pass subscriber base was left out of this offer.

PC Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to download the game on April 22nd. That’s when Dead Island 2’s Epic Games Store exclusivity ends. However, it should be noted that the game may not be on Game Pass by then. True, such a short lifespan would be surprising. With the DI2 Game Pass launch, console Ultimate subscribers will have access to the entire base game. Users can also claim new rewards, such as the Trickster’s Smile knife, by linking their account to the DI2 PROS platform. Additionally, users can now obtain the legendary Malibu Nightstick by chopping up 1,000 limbs.

Dead Island 2 may have even more in store for 2024. Among other things, a possible Switch release. The game’s parent company previously confirmed that the title will be released on a new platform this year.

Of course, the upcoming Steam release could also be what the announcement referred to.

Game Pass subscribers can expect more additions in the near future. PC and console subscribers can access Maneater on February 27th, Indivisible on February 28th, Space Engineers on February 29th, Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun on March 5th, and Diablo IV on March 28th.

Source: IGN

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