Does The Glass Panel Of The Apple Vision Pro Crack On Its Own!?

TECH NEWS – Even with the $3500 minimum you have to pay for the AR headset, can the glass panel on the front of the device crack without moving or dropping it?


On Reddit, user dornbirn posted a picture of a crack in the front of the Apple Vision Pro, including the center. The user did not drop the device, but simply put it down with the cover on. He discovered the crack in the morning and said that the headset had not moved in its packaging, nor had he moved it. He said there may have been a manufacturing defect in the glass, as there could be enough pressure over the nose to cause it to crack.

“What happened – last night I polished the front of the headset, packed it away with the lid on, and when I woke up this morning I saw this crack. No drop, no shuffling in the case. There seems to be a consistent manufacturing problem with the glass – my ignorant guess is that the unique shape creates some tension above the nose that eventually cracks without any external force. I have Apple Care and expect a free replacement when I go to the Genius Bar, but for those of you who understandably didn’t spring for the $500 cover, that would suck. I hope this is more rare than I’m making it out to be, but if not, Apple better cover this under the factory warranty and not consider it an accidental damage that would require a hefty repair fee,” the user wrote.

Another user, ContributionFar8997, also posted that he left his Apple Vision Pro charging and when he went to unplug it, he saw a crack in the front of the device. It’s unlikely to have been caused by charging, so once again we should suspect a manufacturing defect. Apple’s customer service has written to those affected, saying that they will take care of the repair for $300 with Apple Care insurance, or $800 without, for which you can get a base iPhone 15…

Source: WCCFTech, Reddit, Reddit

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