Metroid Prime 4: Samus To Return Later This Year?

There are optimistic rumors about the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4.


The fourth main Metroid Prime installment (because there have been several spin-offs, such as Metroid Prime Pinball) has been officially silent for years. Nothing has been announced by Nintendo, and Retro Studios has also remained silent, even though they were behind the first three main installments. This shouldn’t give us much confidence, as development hell usually ensues in such cases. This is also true for Samus Aran: her game was originally developed by Bandai Namco before being transferred to Retro…

During a Giant Bomb podcast, well-known insider Jeff Grubb talked about Metroid Prime 4 based on a source who also informed him about Epic Mickey Rebrushed before the official announcement. (This game was mentioned in yesterday’s news.) According to him, the next installment of Metroid Prime will be released sometime in 2024, and while there’s still room for changes to the plans, the reveal is imminent, as Nintendo wants to have assets ready by May for use at the next, more traditional Nintendo Direct.

So Nintendo could announce Metroid Prime 4 at the rumored June Nintendo Direct. The game has reportedly been in playtesting since March of last year, almost a year ago. In December, we heard that the game had been internally delayed because the quality of the scenes was below average and it was still being developed for the original Nintendo Switch. If this is indeed the case, one of the last big things for the Nintendo Switch, which is about to turn 7 years old, could be Samus’ new 3D (!) adventure in the second half of 2024. With the second half of the year looking really empty for the Big N’s schedule at the moment, something has to move for the Japanese company, because they haven’t said anything like Sony (no major releases planned for the fiscal year starting in April).

All this is not official information yet, so it’s just rumors.

Source: WCCFTech


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