Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: The Director Wants To Keep The Dev Team Together!

As Naoki Hamaguchi said in an interview, it would not be up to him if the third part of the remake project would be made by the same team.


The interview with the director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth can be seen on the MinnMax YouTube channel, where he also explained how it would be effective not to change the team: “We were able to work with the environment and tools that we had developed and worked with from the remake. We were also able to have a very solid discussion going into the creation of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, where we were able to reflect on our understanding and experience, and really focus on areas that had previously been sort of bottlenecks that we could prioritize fixing.

In that way, I think we were really able to maximize the speed of development and really come together as a team in that way. In that sense, having that kind of carried over knowledge and experience of working together as a team from Remake to Rebirth was extremely beneficial. It really led to us being able to create this very solid, massive piece of work in the four years that we originally set out to do it. I think that will continue from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to the final title.

Definitely, [keeping the development team together] would be wonderful. I think that the kind of team dynamic that exists right now within the team that created Rebirth is really great, and I think that the overall mood and feeling within the team is really absolutely wonderful right now, especially with this wonderful score reveal. People are really upbeat, they are responding to the global reception of the work that we have created. So I really hope that I can continue to foster this kind of environment and grow together with the team in creating these kinds of works that get this kind of reception, in the hope that they will continue to want to work together,” Hamaguchi said.

Since he explained that the third installment of Final Fantasy VII Remake is now in the same place as Rebirth was when the remake was released, he certainly implies that the next remake installment of Final Fantasy VII will be released in 2028, as four years have passed between Remake and Rebirth…

Source: WCCFTech


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