Could Most Of The Developers Of Until Dawn And The Quarry Been Sacked?!

There could be severe layoffs at the studio behind Until Dawn and The Quarry.



Supermassive Games, the company behind Until Dawn and The Quarry, may reportedly be forced to lay off 90 people, or 30% of its workforce. Bloomberg shares the exact number of people involved, but the studio’s official statement does not mention this detail.

According to a statement posted on the developer’s official account, the team is preparing to lay off some of its workforce; the move would affect about 90 employees, according to Bloomberg.

“It’s no secret that the games industry is currently facing significant challenges, and unfortunately we aren’t immune to this,” Supermassive Games wrote on its X account. “After much deliberation and with deep regret, we are therefore undertaking a reorganization of Supermassive Games. As a result, we are entering into a period of consultation, which we anticipate will result in the loss of some of our colleagues.”

“This is not a decision that’s been taken lightly, with many efforts made to avoid this outcome,” the studio’s announcement continues. “We are all too aware of how unsettling and difficult this process is going to be for all our employees and will be working closely with all those involved to ensure the process is conducted as respectfully and compassionately as possible. We’re committed to focusing our efforts on our core strengths and upcoming titles to ensure the continued sustainability of the company.”

Supermassive Games did not specify how many employees will be affected by the decision. But Bloomberg, as we mentioned at the beginning of the news, reports the impending layoffs of about 90 workers. This, taking into account that the team consists of more than 300 people, means the loss of almost 30% of the workforce.

Unfortunately, this is just one of many layoffs beginning in 2024.

Ultimately, in the video game industry, companies such as Microsoft, Behavior Interactive, CI Games, and Embracer Group, through their many affiliates, have implemented this measure in recent weeks.

Moreover, several managers of developers, publishers and large companies estimate that the situation will be extended for another two years.

Source: Bloomberg, X

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