Would Baldur’s Gate 3 Developers Hire Those Affected By Recent Layoffs?!

Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian Studios is encouraging people affected by recent layoffs in the gaming industry to submit their resumes.



As the gaming industry is hit with the sad news of yet another layoff, Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian Studios is stepping in to help those affected. BG3 recently celebrated the milestone of reaching 10 million copies sold and boasts roughly 600,000 daily players.

Within the gaming industry, more than 6,000 layoffs were recorded from the beginning of 2024 to the time of the press conference, compared to roughly 10,000 layoffs for 2023 as a whole.

Sony’s announcement that it is laying off 900 PlayStation employees comes about 24 hours after Danish indie studio Die Gute Fabrik shut down. Because there wasn’t enough funding for his next project. Gamers and industry professionals have expressed concern about the gaming industry’s future. They question whether the current model is sustainable.

Michael Douse, publishing director of Larian Studios and developer of Baldur’s Gate 3, took to Twitter to urge those affected by the recent spate of layoffs to apply to the company. Even though Larian Studios is already receiving a lot of applications. Applicants are advised to apply for any job advertisement on the company’s website. So, not just the one that suits their specific qualifications. According to Douse, every application submitted has the opportunity to be seen by the desired department head.

In addition to the usual worries about unemployment, many facing layoffs have expressed on social media that their work visas will expire without work, forcing them to move.

The tweet also mentions that “as-yet not posted roles” will become available in the future. This further strengthens the possibility that Larian Studios will expand. Maybe he’ll open another studio. Despite the current tragic state of the gaming industry, BG3’s continued popularity seems to have protected Larian Studios from the worst of the industry’s recent downturn.

In response to a comment on the subject, Douse maintains that an expansion at Larian would only serve to allow the company to create what it wants for as long as possible, with an emphasis on longevity.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been a huge critical and commercial success since its full release in August 2023. Licensing the Dungeons & Dragons property brought in $90 million for Hasbro. BG3 is still performing well among gamers seven months after its release. It is currently at a 96% positive level. Despite having over half a million reviews.

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