Final Fantasy VII: Fans Are Outraged Again Because Of Poor Tifa?!

Some fans of Final Fantasy VII were furious that the 15-year-old version of Tifa was “censored” in a recent Remake patch…



It’s true, and it’s nothing new that fans can sometimes get upset over the most surprising things. The latest patch for Final Fantasy VII Remake – which contains several important fixes for the game – unexpectedly shocked some fans.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is an exceptional game – some have described it as a “triumphant evolution” – yet some fans have found ways to be annoyed.

Now precisely because of the censorship of one of the characters of Final Fantasy, who is 15 years old during the scene in question. This is worth emphasizing because Tifa is 20 years old in FFVII Remake and Rebirth.

During a flashback sequence, Tifa‘s outfit in FFVII Remake was updated to what she wears in Rebirth. As spotted by ResetEra, Tifa’s cowgirl-inspired outfit in a Nibelheim flashback was slightly altered to include a black sports bra under her white button-up top. The change is likely for continuity, as the patchwork outfit is more similar to the design seen in Rebirth.

Honestly, the change isn’t particularly noticeable. Tifa is an attractive character, but this may not be a difference that is worth getting upset about. Not to mention that dressing a 15-year-old girl in a game can really raise ethical questions. Apparently, Square Enix doesn’t want a lawsuit either…

Perhaps more significantly, the update breaks the essential FFVIIHook mod on PC, as reported by wccftech. According to the official description, FFVIIHook “unlocks the dev-console, giving access to console commands & easy changes to the games CVars – along with allowing loose INI files to be loaded in from the games config folder”.

FFVIIHook was widely used to fix some of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s most annoying issues on PC, including stuttering, but as several comments have reported today, it’s no longer compatible with the new update.

As for FFVII Rebirth, the game will officially be released tomorrow, February 29th, and will only be available for PlayStation 5.

Source: ResetEra, wccftech

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