Dragons, Monsters, Dark Fantasy: Dragonkin – The Banished Gets A New Trailer! [VIDEO]

The new action RPG Dragonkin – The Banished is coming to PC, Xbox Series and PS5.



Action RPG fans are in for a good time. Diablo IV is here, and the promising Path of Exile 2 is on the horizon. Today, Nacon unveiled a new action RPG with the same basic premise: surviving hordes of enemies in a dark fantasy world full of dragons. They are the protagonists of Dragonkin: The Banished, as their blood gives the four playable heroes unique abilities.

After consuming the dragon’s blood, the heroes gained their own abilities, unique powers and fighting techniques. Depending on the loot obtained, attributes chosen and preferences, their skills and attack power are transformed. This is what Eko Software, the creators of Warhammer: Chaosbane, offers. Most recently, the developers used the world of Games Workshop for a similar gameplay formula. Now, they come with their own universe.


Four heroes, plenty of RPG action and dragons: that’s what Dragonkin offers


In Dragonkin, we will be able to play four characters. A barbarian who is a master of melee weapons such as axes and war hammers and an expert in the use of ice magic. The knight who is a master of fire, swords and ranged weapons. The witch who uses electricity and water as the primary source of her power. Finally, the archer, who specializes in ranged combat and can also harm his enemies with poison. What makes this game different from other similar games?

The authors of the new action RPG highlight the hero customization system, the so-called Ancestral Grid, which allows us to change each character’s fighting style significantly by combining various improvements.

Each hero has their own Ancestral Grid. The wide range of possible combinations is enormous. “Your hero will never be the same from game to game,” say the Dragonkin developers.

We only got a brief glimpse of the gameplay and some screenshots. What we know so far about Dragonkin is that it wants to surprise fantasy fans with a vast world full of dangers. We can discover various locations, from volcanic areas to tundras to forests or swamps. “While hunting, you can discover everything the world has to offer. Each biosphere has its own regions, endemic monsters and special resources,” they write.


In addition to combat, there is also strategy


The exciting details of Dragonkin don’t end here! After all, in addition to fighting, you can also create a city in this role-playing game. We can change the latter to our liking by adding decisions and raw materials to your treasury. “Evolve your buildings and find new residents, equipment and additional services. The cooperative adventure goes beyond completing missions. All players in the game can expand the city and unlock new content,” reads the synopsis of the action RPG, which is naturally cooperative. It also offers a multiplayer mode for four online or two local players.

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