Has The Nintendo Switch 2 Hardware Been Teady For Years?! [VIDEO]

A new rumor has also revealed how much Nintendo might charge for the Switch’s successor when it launches.


The yet-to-be-announced (and therefore unnamed) successor to the Nintendo Switch could be one of the most under-hyped hardware in the gaming industry, similar to Sony’s PlayStation 5 Pro. So we can already guess what kind of SoC (system-on-a-chip) could be in the Japanese company’s next platform. It’s likely to be Nvidia’s T239, which could feature an Ampere-based 1280-core graphics chip. (Ampere has been seen in desktop graphics cards in the GeForce RTX 3000 series).

In his new video, the not-always-reliable Moore’s Law is Dead says that this console spec sounds logical. He added that he thinks Samsung’s 8-nanometer manufacturing node would be the best fit for the Nintendo Switch 2, as it offers the lowest cost per transistor on the market and is not expected to be able to compete with the capacity of more modern processes in the next few years. According to his insider source inside Nvidia, with 128-bit LPDDR5 memory, Nintendo could use 8, 12, or possibly 16 GB of memory in its next hardware.

AMD competed with Nvidia to design the architecture, but ultimately lost the bid. Despite this, the hardware for the Nintendo Switch 2 has reportedly been ready for years, and now the big N is essentially waiting for the three currently available Switch models (Base, OLED, Lite) to sell out, and the company could decide to launch its next-generation device at any time. The price will be similar to a laptop with an Nvidia RTX 2050M graphics chip, according to Moore’s Law Is Dead. You can get one of these for between $400-500 in the US, but Nintendo could be more aggressive and release the console for $350, which would still make a small profit.

None of this is official, but between $400-500 would not be particularly expensive for a Switch successor to the PlayStation 5, for example.

Source: WCCFTech

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