GreedFall 2: The Dying World Is Ambitious, That’s Why It’s Launching In Early Access!

But even if we launch the game this way, when it goes “retail” it will be a tabula rasa for Spiders!


We saw the French studio’s game at Nacon Connect 2024, and here and during the post-stream coverage, the team confirmed that the sequel to GreedFall will launch in Early Access on Steam this summer, and that it will be the first Spiders game to launch in Early Access. Why did the studio decide to do this? Reda Isber, producer of GreedFall 2: The Dying World, talked about it during the show:

“After GreedFall 1 was released, we found out that a lot of players wanted to give us feedback on certain areas of the game. Some of the features in GreedFall 2 are quite new to us, so we wanted to take our time working on them. We can’t just develop them, we need the opinions of experienced players. GreedFall 2 is certainly a much more ambitious game than the first one, so early access seemed like the right way to go. We’re relying heavily on early access to gather player feedback and see if we’re going in the right direction. There will be several phases of Early Access. To be clear from the start, saves will not be compatible between the different updates,” Isber said.

Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Spiders, added that about a quarter of the game will be available at the beginning of the early access period, and that they don’t want to stay in early access for long (though they’ll presumably be there for a year): “There will be the beginning of the game, so it’s I would say a short part, but not that short, I promise you will have things to go through. Still, it’s a small part compared to the whole game we want to make. I would say it’s probably a quarter of the content of the game. There will be the first companions, you will meet a big part of your team and also you will go through different places and not only Teer Fradee, which is the island of the beginning of the game, but also some new places, some dungeons.

You will be able to create your own character and choose from different skills. There are also some regional quests, which is actually something new. To expand the exploration system, we really wanted to add a little bit more content, just to add more life to the environment, so there are a lot of little things. We try to do these little quests to give you a little bit more lore about the environment, but also give you a different way to solve the main quest. You’re not required to do them, of course, but it gives you more clues, more information, or even leverage on some characters,” Rousseau said.

If they don’t rush it, there won’t be a big problem. When the game reaches 1.0, the save file from the early access period won’t work!

Source: WCCFTech

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