Modern Horror Games In A PS1 Style? The Results Are Often Stunning! [VIDEO]

A YouTube channel specializes in showing what some modern games would look like if they had been released for the first PlayStation.


Rustic Games BR asks a simple question: what would a modern game look like if it were on the first PlayStation? The latest result brings Resident Evil 2 Remake back to Sony’s console, which turns thirty this year. It’s a juicy topic, because Resident Evil 2 was indeed originally released on the PS1, and has been superbly ported to more modern platforms for modern audiences by Capcom in 2019.

The remake is not the same as the original Resident Evil 2. The over-the-shoulder camera view remains, and the game’s iconic police station is fully three-dimensional. In the video, Leon fights a zombie and then Mr. X (aka the tyrant who stalks us in the game). Last October, this YouTuber gave the Resident Evil 4 Remake a retro makeover, making the Garrador, or the blind, clawed, buff opponent, look a lot scarier. How much of a challenge would it be to defeat him if we had to fight him with the old tank-like controls?

Rustic Games BR has also touched several games, including the PS1 version of Elden Ring. It combines the first and second fights against Godfrey in a fixed camera position, and the tank-like controls make the concept seem more fun. But the star of the whole show is the pre-rendered background. In fact, this was the norm back then (Myst used to do it), and it’s not so popular anymore, but Leyndell still looks quite appealing in retro style.

Even though these are not real, playable projects, the idea was born. This was the demake of Bloodborne, and its developer went on to make a Bloodborne Kart, but after threats from Sony (if he continued with this IP, they would have sued the developer of the fan concept) he ended up turning it into a custom IP.

Source: PCGamer

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