The Secret of the Mean Girls Has Been Solved

CINEMA NEWS – The new version of the famous 2004 comedy Mean Girls is already behind the one hundred million dollar revenue milestone, and the critics have managed to decipher why not only the audience likes it so much, but also for them too. However, the judges originally sat down in the auditorium with a frown, since it is a remake after twenty years, and one that brings the musical version of the original play to the screen.


Critics were then pleasantly surprised to see Mean Girls, and some even admitted that they were shocked by how well-made and clever a film they were seeing.

After the shock, of course, it was possible to decipher what the creators of the film did so well. The new Mean Girls brilliantly updates the high school universe in which the action takes place. While the basics of the story have not changed, the new girls speak in the language of today’s teenagers, they communicate with their gestures, and the film also takes into account that a good part of bullying now takes place in the virtual field of social platforms.

But the most important thing is that we managed to portray the human factor authentically. And this is the evil represented by Regina George (Reneé Rapp), the queen bee of the exclusive chick team called Plastics. (The title of the film is literally translated: Wicked/perverted girls.) Regina excludes, manipulates, is envious and a liar. He is evil because that is how he can achieve his goals and because it is good to be evil. With the fact that Mean Girls convinces again after twenty years that evil is eternal because it exists for its own sake, it not only entertains as a teen comedy, but also represents added value, critics say.

(Mean Girls – domestic release: March 7, 2024.)

Source: UIP

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