Hogwarts Legacy: DLC And Major Updates For The Blockbuster Harry Potter Game In 2024?!

Hogwarts Legacy was a smash hit in 2023, and Warner Bros. plans to add even more content for the start of the 2024 season, which is excellent news.



Although there was a lot of hype surrounding Hogwarts Legacy as the release date approached, no one knew how popular it would become. Of course, the fans were up to it. The game ended up grossing over $1 billion. Due to its success, Avalanche Software is planning more adventures in its world.

Avalanche has yet to share specifics on what exactly it plans to do with Hogwarts Legacy, other than the PS5 exclusive quest becoming available to everyone this summer.

It will probably be a while before they share any other news. But if that happens, the game has a chance to dazzle the audience once again.


Hogwarts Legacy could dominate 2024 if Warner Bros. lets it


After the game launched in February 2023, fans immediately clamoured for some new content. However, Avalanche didn’t add anything of note via post-release updates. There was no roadmap, and it also stated that there were no plans for DLC. Fortunately, at the start of 2024, it looks like the studio may have plans for the game after all.



A Harry Potter-rajongók már jóval a megjelenés előtt fontos döntéseket hozhatnak a Hogwarts Legacyban, ha összekapcsolják a WB Games és a Harry Potter Fan Club fiókjaikat.



Avalanche Software revealed in a short tweet that Hogwarts Legacy will receive new updates and features throughout the year.

The details of these updates are still a mystery. But the studio promises that players will know more soon. There is a chance that these updates will simply add cosmetics or fix bugs. However, the studio may be planning something even bigger. If so, Hogwarts Legacy could be in for a fantastic year.


New content can have unlimited possibilities


Avalanche filled the game world with things to explore, classes to take, and all kinds of magical pranks. All of this provided the fans with a fantastic experience that many will not soon forget. It also built a strong foundation for future adventures in the wizarding world. The latter can be built on with even more exciting content.

Avalanche could do so much more with Hogwarts Legacy if they really wanted to. For starters, he should fill the world with more classes that we could attend. Even if these classes don’t really reward players with much, part of the fantasy of the wizarding world is the school aspect, which Hogwarts Legacy has only gotten so far.

With the updates, players should be able to take classes whenever they want, just because they can.

In addition to classes, Avalanche should introduce new spells to the game. There were already 27 spells to play in Hogwarts Legacy. But there are about 80 different spells mentioned in the Harry Potter series. That means Avalanche hasn’t even put half of the available spells into the game! Even if most of the spells are useless, players should still be allowed to feel truly like they are part of the world.

Hogwarts Legacy could also be expanded with more animals, cosmetics, and open-world areas. Maybe even with a little story-based addition. So far, Avalanche has said it has no plans for DLC. But after the game’s success, it would make a lot of sense if the studio changed its mind.

Source: Dexerto

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