What Could Have Been The Mandalorian Star Wars Game That EA Cancelled?!

According to Insider Gaming, developers and those who tried it out were very pleased with how the Mandalorian-inspired Star Wars game turned out…



Fans of the Star Wars saga are generally satisfied with the works of The Mandalorian series, three season of which is available on Disney+. A few weeks ago, it was leaked that a new Star Wars game will also feature a Mandalorian character. And the developers will be the creators of the Titanfall saga. Everything was given for a shooting game the community eagerly awaited. But something has changed.

Last week, we learned that the upcoming Star Wars game starring the Mandalorian will never happen because Electronic Arts canceled the game after 670 layoffs and reorganization.

Non-public details have surfaced about what the first-person shooter was like. The first thing they said was that “the game was fantastic – and that isn’t just coming from the developers, but from everybody who had the opportunity to play the game,” revealed Tom Henderson.

According to Insider Gaming, all feedback has been positive. The developers enjoyed the whole process, but EA cancelled the game due to financial risk. In this regard, the company’s CEO confirmed that the development of games based on external licenses, such as Star Wars or Marvel, will cease. However, it should not be forgotten that Black Panther, Iron Man and Star Wars Jedi 3 are still in development. Once these are released, EA will only make titles based on its own IP.






Non-public details about the Mandalorian Star Wars game


Coming to the details of the FPS, the protagonist was a Mandalorian bounty hunter. Probably not Din Djarin, a.k .a. the infamous “Mando” of the series. The hunter started his adventure in a kind of “hideout”. There was a ship, a galaxy map, a refreshment station, a weapons depot, etc.

In this base, we agreed on what missions and planets to visit, then we had to equip the right weapons, the desired armor, and then go straight to the target.

Respawn Entertainment didn’t want an open world, they wanted a linear mission approach. But there were some larger levels that we were free to walk around. The combat was very fast-paced, even resembling DOOM in how you could perform takedowns to eliminate Imperial Stormtroopers. The jetpack provided a very agile and dynamic gameplay, you could even get to high places to get more secrets. One of the reasons it was cancelled was that it would have needed a little extra time to release. Respawn is said to have already completed most of the levels.

Source: Insider Gaming

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