Skull And Bones: Ubisoft’s Game Is Already 1/3 Cheaper…

Ubisoft’s pirate game is so slow that it’s already been slashed in price!


Skull And Bones is the second Ubisoft game to sell for $70. Released on February 16, it had a very difficult journey from announcement to release, having been in development for years before being rebooted in 2020. But the game, which uses a live service model, has already started to sell at a lower price. We might add: it’s been less than three weeks since its release. AAA games don’t get a price cut this early, if ever!

In the US, Best Buy is offering the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of Skull And Bones for $45 instead of $70, but in the UK, Hit has also slashed the price: the game is now £50 instead of £70. As these two countries are two of the most important areas of the gaming industry, it is almost certain that the price of the game will be reduced everywhere, but this raises a question. If such a price reduction has been achieved in such a short time, how much confidence does Ubisoft have in its game?

Despite the fact that Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that Skull And Bones is a full game, that it’s big, that people will see how big and complete it is (which he called AAAA…) and that he believes it will be a success in the long run, these games have an expiration date. In the worst case, it doesn’t even take a year for support to stop (this was the case with Crash Team Rumble, where they stopped adding content after nine months).

Ubisoft’s first $70 game, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, was also marked down to $50/£44 in two weeks. But that was before the Christmas holidays, so it’s understandable if they wanted to boost sales. It’s not a coincidence to cut the price like that now, in March…

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