Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake: Insanely Low Resolution On One Console! [VIDEO]

We haven’t heard a resolution this low in at least two console generations, so these numbers are incredible!


Digital Foundry did a graphical analysis of the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons remake, and according to site editor Tom Morgan, the dynamic resolution on one platform may be the lowest we’ve heard since the Nintendo Wii. And that console came out in 2006. We’re talking about a minimum resolution for each of these consoles that is below the minimum, and the maximum is not reached on any of them, so the state of both the PlayStation 5 and the two Xbox series is worrying without exception.

Quality mode limits the frame rate to 30 fps and dynamic resolution comes into play. It’s more detailed by default, but during the more action-packed scenes, the resolution drops a lot. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 range between 1260p and 1620p, which is much lower than the 2160p (4K) that both consoles are capable of. Morgan says 4K should be the goal, but we almost never get it. On the Xbox Series S, the resolution ranges from 454p to 720p. So: there are times when the console renders BELOW SD (standard definition). Even the Wii was capable of 480p! It’s true, Morgan added, that most of the time the smaller Xbox is around 720p.

Performance mode increases the frame rate at the expense of resolution. In this mode, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X are mostly at 1080p, but aside from one dungeon session, the two consoles never hit 60 FPS. Morgan says the Xbox Series X is almost always capable of a better frame rate. The Xbox Series S also runs between 454p and 720p here, and while the dungeon section does reach 60fps, the frame rate is even lower than the other two consoles!

Morgan suggests quality mode for higher resolutions, as the slow pace makes 30 fps less distracting.

Source: VGC

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