Jimmy Kimmel Hit Back At A Comment Made By Not Just Anyone At The Oscars!

MOVIE NEWS – Jimmy Kimmel retorted harshly at Donald Trump at the Oscars: “Isn’t it past your jail time?”



Oscars host and late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel hit back at former President Donald Trump on stage Sunday after Trump took to social media to insult Kimmel and his hosting.

“I was told we have like an extra minute, and I’m really proud of something and I was wondering if I could share it with you. I just got a review,” Kimmel said in the second half of the telecast, then took out the phone to read aloud Trump’s Truth Social post — while not mentioning the former president and presumptive Republican nominee by name.

Trump’s post – read aloud by Kimmel – reads: “Has there EVER been a WORSE HOST than Jimmy Kimmel at The Oscars. His opening was that of a less than average person trying too hard to be something which he is not, and never can in. Get rid of Kimmel and perhaps replace him with another washed up, but cheap, ABC “talent,” George Slopanopoulos. He would make everybody on stage look bigger, stronger, and more glamorous.”

“Blah, blah, blah, make America great again,” Kimmel continued. “Ok now, see if you can guess which former president just posted that on Truth Social. Anyone? Well?”

“Well, thank you President Trump. Thank you for watching, I’m surprised you’re still – isn’t it past your jail time?” – said the comedian, which caused cheers and laughter from the audience.

Last night, Kimmel hosted the Oscars for the fourth time. In an interview with CNN before the show, he said about Trump: “One of the most fun parts of my job is knowing that he hates being made fun of and making fun of him.”

“And then, every once in a while, he reminds us that he hates it and he gets mad. So, I love that. I take some pleasure in it.”

Source: Deadline

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