PS Plus Extra: Three More Games Leaving Soon!

A further three games have been confirmed to be leaving the PS Plus Extra and Premium system soon, although the timing of their departure is currently unclear.



Warriors All-Stars and two other Koei Tecmo games will soon leave PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers. Although their departure date has not yet been confirmed, the circumstances suggest that they will likely be removed from PS Plus in mid-April.

The higher tiers of Sony’s subscription service traditionally change their catalogue on the third Tuesday of each month.

The last such rotation took place on February 20. At the time, the service added 13 games while losing ten others. These changes are usually announced well in advance. Information about upcoming catalogue changes mostly comes directly from Sony.

Still, Koei Tecmo has now overtaken the PlayStation maker. It has been revealed that the service will soon lose three games. The titles in question are Warriors All-Stars, Nights of Azure and Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon. Since none of these was on Sony’s previously shared list of PS Plus Extra and Premium games leaving in March 2024, it’s unlikely they’ll be removed from the service during the next catalogue rotation, expected on Tuesday, March 19.

Instead, it’s much more likely that this trio will leave Sony’s subscription library as part of next month’s rotation, which will likely happen on April 16.

This theory should be confirmed or dismissed within hours. If only because the next wave of PS Plus catalog changes is expected to be announced on March 13.

Of the titles leaving in April, Koei Tecmo has apparently already made three of them public. Fans can expect Sony to announce about half a dozen more departures tomorrow. PlayStation’s subscription service typically adds about a dozen new games per month. Extra and Premium, for example, received 14 new games in January 2024. In the process, he lost nine. The rotation that followed brought in three more titles than it removed.

Following the likely announcement of tomorrow’s catalogue rotation, Sony is expected to reveal April’s free PS Plus games on March 27.

They are typically confirmed on the last Wednesday of each month. In the meantime, subscribers have until April 1 to claim the free PS Plus games for March 2024 if they haven’t already.

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