Hi-Fi Rush: No Need To Remove Anything From Your PlayStation 5!

Tango Gameworks’ former Xbox exclusive is one of four announced games that will be multiplatform, and it won’t take up much space on your SSD, so you won’t have to uninstall anything, which is good news.


Released early last year without any hype or announcement (aside from a few rumors close to its release), Hi-Fi Rush’s sudden, unexpected release on Xbox Series and PC was a surprise, and the game went on to become a huge success and one of the hidden gems of 2023. Earlier this year, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that there would be smaller Xbox exclusives that would go multiplatform, and Bethesda’s Latin American community platform sharpened the PlayStation 5 trailer too early, but then Microsoft confirmed that the rhythm-based action game was indeed one of the multiplatform quartet.

According to the Hi-Fi Rush Twitter account, those who have pre-ordered the game can now begin downloading it from the PlayStation Network. The pre-load shouldn’t take long (unless your internet speed isn’t the best), as PlayStation Game Size’s tweet says that the studio’s game takes about 15.5 gigabytes. Hi-Fi Rush was about the same size on the Xbox series, so there’s no significant difference in size. There’s also not much reason for it to need, say, 100 GB, since it’s a simpler creation in terms of visuals.

Hi-Fi Rush offers a style of combat similar to Devil May Cry, but as we said, it’s rhythm-based for a reason, as attacks and other moves are made to the beat, so if you don’t have a sense of rhythm, just play it on the lower difficulty level (so you can have fun with the action-platformer segments for sure) and per track (or verse, as each stage is a song) we’ll pull out Chai’s guitar more than once to hit our opponents a few times, and our skills will expand along the way. It starts off with simple combos.

The release of Hi-Fi Rush for PlayStation 5 isn’t far off: it will be available to play on Sony’s console from March 19.

Source: WCCFTech, Twitter, (https://twitter.com/PlaystationSize/status/1769153336400388233)

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