Diablo IV: The Devs Have Finally Revealed Some Details About The Next Season! [VIDEO]

Diablo IV has posted a new Campfire Chat, where the developers detail the big changes that will be available in the fourth season of the Blizzard RPG.



A new Campfire Chat revealed the Diablo IV Season 4 trailer, confirming big changes to the game’s itemization and various other tweaks. With the live-service model, the game follows a seasonal system for players similar to that seen in Diablo III. Each season brought new themes, characters, content and features to keep the gameplay fresh.

Diablo IV is currently in its third season, Season of the Construct, which launched on January 23rd. Among the changes and features introduced with the start of the third season, one of the most important was the introduction of the Seneschal Companion.

With this robot, Diablo IV players have gained a powerful ally who will help them on their way with different abilities and properties.

During the new Campfire Chat, it was revealed that Season 4 will begin on May 14th, extending the Season of Construct. One of the most important revelations is the significant changes in itemization. These focus on the quality of items rather than quantity. As a result, fewer pieces of loot will drop, but their overall quality will improve. Unused affixes are removed from the game. Sacred items will only appear in World Tier 3. Meanwhile, Ancestral items will only be seen by players in World Tier 4. Equipment Affixes limit will be reduced, while dropped Unique and Legendary items will be replaceable.


Season 4 of Diablo IV starts later but brings significant changes


Another big change coming in Season 4 will be the streamlining of the game’s Gem system. As well as the ability to sell them for more gold. Uniques, one of the item rarities most coveted by Diablo IV players, will be available earlier in the game. They already appear in the first and second World Tier. On the other hand, Uber Uniques can only be obtained from enemies above level 55 in World Tier 3.

The next Diablo IV season will see changes to the Codex of Power, Tempering and Greater Affixes, the introduction of a new Masterworking item upgrade system, and updates to all classes.

Players who want to try out the Season 4 changes will be available on the PTR, the game’s test server, from April 4th to April 9th. With the new round of changes, the developers plan to make endgame content more accessible. They simplify the game’s systems and give players more control over their items. Blizzard is thus maintaining the experience for both hardcore Diablo IV players and more casual members of the Diablo community.

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