Could The Future Of PC Gaming Be In Danger?! Disheartening Statistics

TECH NEWS – The PC gaming market is showing signs of collapse in all areas. Except for monitors, as they have seen unprecedented growth there…



The PC gaming market has been going through an unprecedented crisis for a few years. In recent months, many news reports have addressed how worrying the situation is. After all, the downward trend continues. Fewer and fewer devices are delivered and sold. The results of a recent analysis are therefore not only unsurprising but also emphasize how bad the situation is.

However, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel for one device that continues to drive sales: gaming monitors.

As Techspot reports in a recent publication, an analysis has shown that shipments of PC devices will suffer a 13.2% decline in 2023 compared to 2022 figures. Thus, “only” 44 million pieces were delivered. This falls short of the previous year’s data, as well as all the previous ones. On the other hand, monitors grew by 20.3%, from which the premium categories (165 Hz and higher) benefited the most, with an increase of 13%. The situation of gamer PCs is so critical that – as analysts point out – this is one of the most severe declines in the history since the data has been examined.


Slow growth forecast for the PC gaming market?


Jitesh Ubrani, director of research at an analyst firm, estimated that PCs will grow by about 1% through 2024. Highlighting the role of laptops. Although this number is not encouraging, it is still positive after several years of downward trend. He also emphasized that the main drivers of the PC gaming market will be wealthy customers.

He said that while the price of gaming PCs will continue to rise due to companies’ push for increasingly powerful technologies, these buyers will continue to support the market as they are not suffering a financial downturn.

Meanwhile, Jay Chou, director of research at another analyst firm, wanted to delve deeper into monitors and the reasons for their growth. As he pointed out, his company believes displays will grow to 29.6 million units shipped by 2028. As confirmation of his position, he indicated that monitors – unlike other technological devices – have undergone a significant price reduction. All this favours their growth among users. Be that as it may, his company also points to the increase in sales of gaming PCs, noting that they will reach 52 million units shipped by 2028.

Source: Techspot

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