Stellar Blade: Good News For Fans, We’ll Be Able To Try The Game Soon! [VIDEO]

Stellar Blade fans have reason to look forward to Friday, March 29, which promises to be a big day for the game…



Players who want to try Stellar Blade should mark March 29 in their calendars. Because the demo will be available on this day. This demo comes a month before the game’s official release. This allows players to test whether SB lives up to expectations.

A demo of Stellar Blade accidentally appeared on the PlayStation Store earlier this month but was quickly delisted.

However, those who downloaded the demo could still play it, with some players live-streaming its content and others uploading full gameplay to YouTube.

But now, all PS5 players can try out Stellar Blade when the demo hits the PlayStation Store on March 29. The developers hint that there will be a little surprise for players who complete the first stage of the demo. Plus, players who complete the demo can carry over their saved data to the full game release on April 26! They can continue the game from the last checkpoint. The demo allows players to try out the skill tree, change gear, change Eve’s different costumes, and learn the basics of combat with an in-game tutorial.



A Stellar Blade-főszereplő EVE és színésznője külsejének reklámként való felhasználásából a fejlesztők, úgy tűnik, nem csinálnak titkot.



What else do we know about the Stellar Blade demo?


The Stellar Blade demo will cover the beginning of the game. That is when the protagonist, Eve, is sent to a post-apocalyptic Earth to reclaim the planet from the Naytiba. It will end after defeating the first boss.

However, according to the gameplay of the demo available online, there will likely be a boss challenge option after completion, which will allow players to fight another boss in addition to the first boss.

SB has become one of the most anticipated games for the PlayStation 5 for various reasons. Some players are interested in the game’s graphical fidelity during walkthroughs and gameplay. Meanwhile, the action seems smooth. Others are drawn to the post-apocalyptic setting reminiscent of the NieR series.

PlayStation 5 players can try out the game’s demo starting March 29. However, it should be noted that due to some aspects of the game, such as blood, violence and sexual themes, Stellar Blade is rated 18+ in Korea. The game is rated Mature 17+ by the US ESRB.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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