Stellar Blade: It Hasn’t Even Been Released Yet, The Devs Are Already Planning A Sequel?!

Shift Up CEO Hyung-Tae Kimm said in an interview that we will find out the age of Stellar Blade’s protagonist in a future game…



It looks like one of the most exciting video games this April will be Stellar Blade, the sci-fi hack-and-slash RPG that will debut as a PS5 exclusive on the 26th of next month. More details about the game have been revealed in the past few days. However, the future is always a topic of conversation around any project, and it seems that another instalment may follow SB.

Stellar Blade director and Shift Up CEO Hyung-Tae Kim gave an interview to Famitsu, where he talked about several topics. When asked about the ages of the game’s protagonist, Eve, and her allies, he hinted that we’ll find out in the sequel. “We didn’t make them particularly young.”

“Asians tend to look younger in the world than they really are, so we considered that when designing them,” Kim explained.

The director of hack-and-slash elaborates further on his explanation and also talks about the sequel: “All the characters are adults, so it’s possible that they are older than you imagine. As for the age, maybe it will be revealed in the next game,” reveals Shift Up CEO. The reporter is surprised at this statement, and Kim continues, “Yeah. So if you’re worried about their age, play Stellar Blade now and really love it, and you’ll find out in the next game,” he says with a chuckle.


More details on Stellar Blade


The interview also confirmed that Stellar Blade will debut a New Game + mode at launch. However, it will not have a photo mode at launch. The latter will arrive later, in a patch and, depending on the needs. In addition, on March 29 at 15:00, we can already play the demo of SB. We also learned that the title will be officially dubbed.

Source: Famitsu

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