Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Not Everyone Can Get The Platinum Trophy!

Square Enix has somehow made a strange mistake with the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake project, because not everyone is affected by the bug… but if you don’t plan to “platinum” the game, there’s no problem.


Kotaku has reported that there is a strange bug with a side quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. There is a side quest near the end of the game that is tied to a score. This is not properly recorded in the game, so the player who wants the Platinum Trophy cannot get it because they have to complete this mission, and through no fault of their own, they cannot. (The bug is not our fault!)

The goal of the side quest is to get a certain score in the G-Bike Arcade Simulator. You’ll see this simulator towards the end of the game. The “Ultimate Party Animal’s High Score” cannot be beaten due to a Square Enix bug, and you need it to get the Platinum Trophy. However, there’s a twist to the story: if you bought the game on disk, the bug won’t affect you, but you’ll have to uninstall it because a patch brought the bug with it! (Great test!)

So if you have the two Blu-ray Discs, you can simply disconnect from the Internet, delete Final Fantasy VII Rebirth from your PlayStation 5’s SSD, and then reinstall the base version. Then, if you load the pre-bug save, you can easily complete the side quest so that that damn G-Bike Arcade Simulator won’t give you a failing score no matter how hard you try.

Finally, the typical Square Enix joke: the Japanese publisher has yet to comment on the bug, so we have no idea when they plan to fix it. They MUST fix it, because there are some fans who want the Platinum Trophy, and this could be a very annoying bug for them.

Source: VGC, Kotaku

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